Woodlake plans to build a new recreation facility


Several businesses have expressed interest in renting space in the mixed-use building; however, Waters said there are no formal lease agreements yet. The city won’t decide how to finance the project until the plans are 100% finalized. Woodlake will apply for either USDA rural development funding or a traditional bond, depending on the type of loan they want to obtain.

The city’s main goal is to free up space in the existing community center which is often booked out, leaving events and activities without options. Waters said the community center houses all of the city’s programs and is increasingly crowded. In addition to the dance studio, wrestling will also be moved to the new facility.

Everyone seems very excited about this beautiful new building. The future home of this center currently houses a former car wash. The locals’ only concern is whether there will be an alternative once this car wash is gone. Residents need not worry, Waters explained that plans have been approved for a new car wash near the AutoZone in town.

The hope for this facility is to come out of the ground in early 2023.

“[The start date] will depend on A, blocking funding between funding sources, and B, we also pay close attention to inflation and material costs. So we’re trying to time the auctions as best we can with that, which is kind of a big question mark,” Waters explained.


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