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Unprecedented consensus in Chile against newspaper article marking 75th anniversary of Göring’s death

Monday, October 25, 2021 – 08:39 UTC

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Göring was sentenced to death but escaped his date with the executioner thanks to a cyanide pill

Chile’s Jewish community, the German Embassy in Santiago and the country’s entire political spectrum agreed on Sunday to condemn an ​​article published by the popular daily El Mercurio on the life of convicted Nazi leader Hermann Göring.

Göring’s involvement in the Holocaust and other Nazi-sponsored atrocities resulted in him being sentenced to death at the Nuremberg trials, even though he dodged his date with the executioner by taking a pill of cyanide the day before. He died on October 15, 75 years ago, an anniversary El Mercurio found worthy of being remembered. Such publication would be a crime in Europe, Jewish community leaders noted.

The one-and-a-half-page article, located in the ?? Society ?? section under the title ?? Hermann Göring, successor to Hitler ?? contains quotes from Göring himself praising Hitler, describing his ?? meteoric rise ?? and referring to him as ?? the award-winning Marshal. ??

The German embassy indicated on its Twitter account that although it is not in the practice of the diplomatic mission to comment on press articles, it only insisted that “this character, H. Goering, committed crimes against humanity and was one of the pillars of the Nazi regime “and that” this leaves no room to justify or minimize morally and politically – let alone in legal terms – its nefarious role during the regime Nazi and during the Holocaust “.

The Jewish community in Chile also stressed that “a tribute” to Göring was “unacceptable” because it constituted an apology for Nazism.

El Mercurio ‘This article goes through Göring’s biography with references to his childhood, his military career and his relationship with Adolf Hitler.

Chilean presidential candidate Yasna Provoste said, “ the normalization of extremisms, as El Mercurio done with this profile of a person convicted of crimes against humanity, goes against a basic principle: permanent respect for human rights.

Sebastián Sichel, who is also running for president next month on behalf of the political front of outgoing President Sebastián Piñera, stressed that on social media “not the slightest space for criminals against humanity” should be left. “My solidarity with the Jewish community and all those who might feel violated by the post. Unrestricted support for human rights, ”he added.

Left-wing candidate Gabriel Boric agreed: “Unacceptable recall of one of the greatest Nazi war criminals and founder of the Gestapo Hermann Göring full page in El Mercurio. An offense to the victims of the Holocaust and to all of us who have an unrestricted commitment to human rights.

Meanwhile, Cristina Dorador, a member of the Constitutional Assembly, said that “a page and a half of obituaries of one of the most horrific Nazi criminals” was something “nefarious”.


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