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Social media has become an inescapable prison for many. It’s easy to blame the West for our addiction to social media, but hard to face reality. The truth is, people have gotten so used to pretending and showing off that they end up living a different life on social media; a fake.

They can’t resist the temptation to take photos of their outings and occasions and post them on social media. Some of them crave attention to the point of embracing the celebrity lifestyle, and even throw lavish parties to be featured on different social media platforms. Many people express their feelings and emotions through social media posts. They feel elated when appreciated and upset when ignored or criticized.

Unfortunately, people have engaged in an invincible competitive war. By faking a different way of life, they only fool themselves and miss true happiness. We must realize that true happiness exists in the real world; not in the virtual world. Peace of mind, feelings of satisfaction, self-esteem, self-love all come from acknowledging the serious effort we put into our own lives without indulging in comparisons.

We should try to free ourselves from this prison of the virtual world, otherwise we will end up paying a heavy price down the road.

Neha Ali Dharejo

Posted in Dawn, August 2, 2022


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