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We do not speculate or analyze Mr. Côme. He is a genius and the richest man in the world. Concepts such as Tesla, Cryptocurrency, which could hardly be imagined, have emerged. The United States often draws comparisons with Rockefeller as the richest man in history, with a total value of $400 billion in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. How much would that be worth today, taking inflation into account?

But that’s just missing the point with Mr. Como. The sheer genius of Tesla technology, the number of computers involved in working out a crypto setup involves the energy of an entire day of a mid-sized European country.

Mr. Côme’s takeover of “Twitter” as a sole proprietor is the first full-fledged attempt to restore zero bias in the opinions expressed in what will become the broader digital media. Indian print/digital media are already working on it. The Ministry of Telecommunications announced 5G the next day, which should be in place by September. 2022.

But, the big concept is to create a pillar of clean news interaction as it should be in the age of digital news. There is no doubt that the whole operation is under the control of a single person!

The current need is to put the dominating lefts on an equal footing, leaving little room for right-wing visions, it disturbs the parity a little.

The bigger plan is the changes, which give immense space and power to how we are to be informed about international events.

Along with business interests, news from advertising interests is sometimes given less priority, or the sequence of their importance is severely disrupted. For financial reasons of survival, the best is probably done.

Mr. Côme, with a $44 billion takeover under one owner, is certainly in pole position to bolster other (digital) newspapers. A huge boost for clean reports.

To give an example, the worst pandemic in the world, which lingers in the carnage of Wuhan, may have a few brief observations that can give a clue about the pandemic, or its mutations which have recently caused a lot of misery in Shanghai.

China does not need to deny itself an audit of selected virologists, who would go through the processes and procedures to arrive at what could be red flag processes. The process would continue, benchmarking other major labs around the world. I assume that Mr. Como’s motivating topic is, “Has any newspaper incorporated this reasoning?”

The sudden exit of the United States from Afghanistan? The reasons, the analysis and the consequences have never been very topical/digitally occupied no editorial staff.

The US’s flaccid approach to China, on a philosophical level, shows that a disciplined left-wing regime, like under Mr. Xi, beats the US on all financial and manufacturing scales and a stark disparity in the deficit commercial. Mr. Reagan’s ‘trust but verify’ lies shattered

Philosophers who write books on forms of government (in India, you will find them in the “Writers Building” in Kolkata, most of them knowing everything to the last word about Marxism, Leninism according to their leanings! Come on, just say hello to Chatterjee and Ghosh! (wo jaan jaayengey, pehchan jaayengey)

The new page of digital journalism has just opened, to keep the news clean, true, authentic!

“Choosing between ham and Hamlet would wake up,

The same old debate between Shakespeare and Francis Bacon”



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