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HYDERABAD: The Sindh Taraqqi-pasand Party (STP) has endorsed a call for a “social boycott” of illegal immigrants by Sindhi people in the province.

The idea was discussed at a meeting of the central committee of STP held under the chairmanship of Dr. Qadir Magsi. He was attended by Jam Abdul Fatah Samejo, Hyder Shahani, Hyder Mallah, Dr Soomar Mangrio, Ashiq Solangi, Qadir Channa, Imtiaz Samoo, Nisar Keerio, Dr Hameed Memon, Hoat Khan Gadhi, Dr Ahmed Noonari, Khuda Bux Dars, Jam Shaukat Abro and others.

The meeting also discussed the general political situation in the country and observed that Pakistan was facing an economic crisis. He noted with concern that the rising prices had made the lives of the masses miserable.

The committee blamed the ruling coalition for the crisis. He also noted that corruption had destroyed everything and the rulers were busy filling their own coffers.

The meeting expressed concern over the settlement of foreigners and immigrants in Sindh. This, he said, has not only increased the economic burden on Sindh, but has also led to the occupation of all resources, jobs and businesses in the province by these people. “This is all exploitation of the indigenous people of Sindh,” the participants said.

The meeting claimed that the illegal immigrants had destroyed the peace in Sindh while the increase in lawlessness, narcotics and arms trade was blamed on the residents of these illegal immigrant colonies.

He said that despite court orders, illegal immigrants and refugees have not been repatriated from Sindh to their country of origin. He appreciated the Sindhi people’s call for a social boycott of illegal immigrants and said its pace should be accelerated.

The central committee of the STP also decided to participate in the public meeting of the Sindh Action Committee on August 21 in Hyderabad against the settlement of foreigners in the province.

Posted in Dawn, August 14, 2022


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