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Imphal, May 21 (DIPR)
Chief Minister N Biren Singh today led the state to observe Counter Terrorism Day at the Banquet Hall of 1st Battalion, Manipur Rifles.
Speaking as the chief guest of the ceremony, the Chief Minister said the day is observed every year as Anti-Terrorism Day to remember the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi by a suicide bomber in Sriperumbudur , in Tamil Nadu, 31 years ago. The day is observed to collectively stand up and make a commitment against terrorism, he said.
Pointing out that Manipur has also witnessed many inhumane activities such as planting explosives in private residences, the Chief Minister said that “we must collectively condemn such incidents.”
Over the past five years, the situation in the state has improved significantly due to the joint effort of security forces, including state forces, central paramilitary forces, intelligence units, etc.
He claimed that about 20 years ago, foreign investors were unwilling to invest in the state due to the law and order situation at the time. However, today the Japan International Cooperation Agency has expressed a desire to invest in the state, he said, adding that this is a clear indication of the improvement in the situation of the country. public order in the state.
Emphasizing that development and peace go hand in hand, the Chief Minister said the little development and improvement seen in the hills today is due to the cooperation of the people and their desire for peace.
The Chief Minister said there had been a huge improvement in intelligence networking as well as cooperation between the police and the public.
Further explaining the importance of improving public-government relations, the Chief Minister said that over the past five years, the state has been able to create a cohesive relationship between the people and a peaceful situation in the state with the help of citizen-centered programs. like Meeyamgi Numit.
Henceforth, Meeyamgi Numit will also be owned by DCs and SPs at the district level, he added.
N Biren also said he understands the dedication of state force and the risk they take.
But sometimes a few individuals tarnish the image of the whole force with their misdeeds and misconduct, he said, pointing to the arrest of some personnel in drug-related cases.
He suggested strict measures against any police personnel involved in drug cases, including forced retirement for drug addicts and drug addicts in the force.
Urging police superiors to weed out drug addicts from the force, he said such individuals lowered the morale of the entire force and diminished public confidence in the force.
They could be taken back if they come back clean, he added.
The Chief Minister also expressed concern over the surge in hate and community press releases issued among communities and similar comments on social media about religion, territory etc. and said this must be checked immediately.
He further advised the Directorate of Information and Public Relations and the Department of the Interior to take the lead and, after appropriate discussion with the media fraternity, to stop the publication, broadcast and circulation of such declarations between communities or associations.
All this is creating unnecessary confusion and could harm the hard-won peace in the state, the Chief Minister observed.
“The law and order situation has improved but we still need to work harder,” he said, further expressing a desire to improve the intelligence network to further strengthen the force.
The Chief Minister said that the India of today is the product of all who have sacrificed for the nation. Similarly, Manipur has also witnessed many sacrifices, he said.
“We should all remember them. Let us protect India and Manipur and meet any challenge on the unity and integrity of India and Manipur,” he added.
In his presidential address, Agriculture Minister Thongam Biswajit Singh said that terrorism is the greatest enemy of human civilization today.
Now is the time to think about the collective good and make India the most developed country, he said, calling on all to avoid violence and move forward together.
He further stated that India, by observing this day, spreads the message of peace, humanity and unity in diversity. “Regardless of caste, creed and religion, we must promote unity among us,” he said.
The Minister further called on all to join hands, to fight to protect humanity and to combat terrorist activities.
Today’s observation also included Manipur Legislative Assembly Speaker Th Satyabrata Singh, Ministers Letpao Haokip and Kashim Vashum, Rajya Sabha MP Maharaja Leishemba Sanajaoba, MPs, Chief Secretary, the DGP and officials, among others.
As part of the celebration, the Chief Minister also administered the Anti-Terrorism Day Pledge.
Artists from Bal Mukanda Dev Government Music College also performed the closing and opening songs of the celebration.


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