Sing Tao News Corporation Appoints New Director for Two Newspaper Brands


Sing Tao News Corporation has reportedly appointed the new director of Sing the Tao daily and Daily title, while he also appointed the new editor-in-chief of Sing Tao Daily, Headline Daily and The standard.

Several reports, including Ming Paoand HK01 said executive director Cai Jin will take the lead of Sing the Tao daily and Daily Title. He will be responsible for the “overall work” of two newspapers. At the same time, the company also appointed Ivan Tong as the new editor-in-chief of three newspapers, including Sing Tao Daily, Headline Daily and The standard. Also, Eastern week President and Editor-in-Chief Regina Kwan has left the company for personal reasons.

In September, the former executive director and chief executive officer of Sing Tao News Corporation, Siu Sai-wo, left the company. In a statement, Sing Tao said Siu’s resignation was effective from October 2 because he decided to devote more time to his personal efforts. However, according to HK01, Siu has left the company to join TVB as an executive and is expected to take up his new role on October 4. The same report also said that at one event, Siu told reporters that there would be a statement later and that he described Sing Tao as a “good company” and that he was looking for changes without further. explanation.

Siu confirmed to Sing Tao’s board that he had no disagreement with the board and that there were no other issues regarding his resignation that needed to be brought to the attention of shareholders of the company or the stock exchange. Siu joined Sing Tao in 1999 and became Managing Director in 2013.

At the same time, Sing Tao appointed Kwok Hiu-ting, current executive director and vice chairman of the board, co-general manager effective October 2. Sing Tao’s management went through several changes at the start of this year. In February, the former chairman and principal shareholder of Sing Tao News Corporation, Charles Ho Tsu-kwok, sold 28% of the company’s capital to Kwok Hiu-ting, vice president and executive director of the Chinese property management company. Kaisa Prosperity for HK $ 370 million. Kwok is the daughter of Kwok Ying-shing, president of Kaisa Prosperity. The transaction was finalized in June and Kwok Hiu-ting became the main shareholder of Sing Tao News Corporation. His father Kwok Ying-shing is the president of the company.

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