Read all about it! Launching a new newspaper in Redding!


A city newspaper connects its residents, and that connection has been sorely missed by our community since The Redding Pilot ceased publication in 2018. On April 21, Redding-ites can once again feel collectively informed as readers of The Redding Sentinel, a new print publication. . Free citywide distribution is planned for the inaugural issue.

The launch of The Redding Sentinel is led by a group of dedicated volunteers. The plan is to grow it – hopefully quickly – into a sustainable business funded by its readers and advertisers. There are currently no plans to create a digital edition, although this may evolve.

The Redding Sentinel is the initiative of Susan Clark, who has spent most of her life in Redding. A former chief executive of The Economist, Ms Clark’s interest in launching The Redding Sentinel is rooted in the idea – the hope – that the community will support, contribute, subscribe and advertise within its pages.

“The backbone of small community newspapers are the members of the community who want to see it thrive,” Clark said. “Without exception, everyone I contacted for help with this project expressed excitement and enthusiasm for a Redding article.

The rollout of The Sentinel – in three consecutive monthly issues – has been strategically planned to gain as much subscriber and advertiser support and community interest as possible. The paper will then wind down over the summer, when organizers use the time to assess the systems in place – editorial, production, ad sales, distribution – so they are better informed to hire permanent staff from Redding Sentinels. The Sentinel is set to return in September as a weekly subscription.

A newspaper weaves the fabric of a community. That common thread has failed Redding through unusually difficult times over the past few years. Letters to the editor’s forum, coverage of local events and town meetings, triumphs and heartbreaks of school athletics, stories about colorful residents, poignant personal announcements and moving obituaries all play a vital role. in documenting life in a small town. The goal of the team behind The Redding Sentinel is to provide this platform.

For more information or to support, please follow @reddingsentinel on social media. To contribute and advertise, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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