Peter Obi shares a photo from his trip to Egypt – The Whistler Newspaper


Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi has shared photos showing why he visited Egypt.

Valentine Obienyem, his media assistant, who shared the footage on Thursday, revealed that his manager had traveled to Egypt to follow some of their sectors and not to attend a multinational company’s annual general meeting, as some speculated. .

Obi has come under heavy criticism for traveling to Egypt as his party faces a gubernatorial election in Ekiti state on Saturday.

Obi had announced via Twitter on Tuesday that he was going to Egypt for a 3-day visit.

His tweet read: “In Egypt, I have to study, among others, the Egyptian sectors of electricity, education, planning and finance. -PO”

But Obienyem, in a Facebook post on Thursday, shared photos of Obi visiting the New Capital power plant in New Cairo, Egypt.

Obienyem said, “On Tuesday, June 14, 2022, Mr. Peter Obi briefed Nigerians through his Twitter account on his trip to Egypt, to understand by what miracle the third largest economy in Africa after South Africa and the Nigeria has moved their power generation from 20,000 megawatts to over 40,000 megawatts in four years.Ironically, Nigeria has remained obsessed with 4,000 megawatts since Adam.

“Why would such a useful trip be talked about? I have read many comments on Mr Peter Obi’s trip… Let me assure all reviewers that we respect their opinions and comments, but they should also allow us to tell them that Obi did indeed travel specifically for the reason he mentioned.

“Any avid listener of Obi would have heard him say that learning and leadership are intertwined: a leader must be humble at all times to learn from the ups and downs to the point of studying or learning from existing patterns or countries that have done well what theirs is not able to do.This is the very essence of Egyptian travel.

“The knowledge he has acquired will be useful in Nigeria, whether he becomes president or not.”


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