Paradigm shift at Newspaper Cup


The Zambezi region’s historic victory in the Namibian Newspaper Cup this weekend has led to a paradigm shift in Namibian football, according to Namibia Sports Commission Chief Administrator Fred Mwiya.

Speaking after their famous victory in Oshakati on Sunday, Mwiya said their performances throughout the tournament showed that there were no more weak teams and any team could win the prestigious tournament.

“What was unique about this tournament was the paradigm shift in terms of teams that were previously seen as weak teams, being ranked 13th or 14th across all regions, but the Zambezi victory now shows that ‘there is growth and it shows that those teams were also well prepared,’ he said.

“It shows that there has been a paradigm shift in that any team can now win this tournament, and I think it also shows the coaches that we have talent all over the country.” he added.

Mwiya, who himself comes from the Zambezi region, said he was proud of their achievement as he could now also “follow the word”.

“It’s very impressive, I have to be honest, but I’m from the Zambezi so I know the talent they have there. I think they did their homework very well because previously they only selected members from the city, but I was talking to the coaches for the last three days and was told that they were now going to the precincts so that they can give opportunities to everyone in the region.

“It’s something very positive and at least now I can talk about the spoken word, because when I talk about sport I also have to be able to say that I am showing the example of the house where I come from. Now that my region is performing, when I speak to the whole nation, they will be able to understand what I am talking about. It is a great achievement for the region and at the same time it is also a plus for me as a person coming from this region,” he said.

Mwiya said the Zambezi triumph will also have a positive impact on the region, starting with a grand welcoming ceremony.

“It will have a big impact on the youth of the region, because it will transform a lot of lives, especially among those who did not take the sport seriously before. Then the governor told me that there would be a big welcome home ceremony, from which people would be waiting for these athletes about 100 km before the city, when they would be escorted through the villages to in Katima Mulilo. So you can see the impact it will have because every kid will be waiting for them and watching them, to get a glimpse of their heroes,” he said.

“But it’s also about the impact it will have on society and especially on the region’s youth. Those who drink alcohol or participate in other social ills, it will also change their mentality to say let’s change ourselves, because the Zambezi can now also produce heroes and heroines,” he added.

Mwiya said the Namibian Newspaper Cup, now in its 20th edition, has become one of the most important sporting tournaments in the country.

“It is without a doubt one of our biggest tournaments and I can assure you that it has become a famous tournament. You can see the impact it has on people’s lives in the cities – watch it economic boost he has brought to Oshakati and every city, as well as the legacy he leaves, the networking that occurs among sportspeople and the cohesion he has brought the people of Namibia together,” he said. -he declares.

“For me it’s the right thing to do and that’s why we see from the government, from the Namibia Sports Commission, when we were told we had to become partners, we said without a doubt that we had to become partners, because that’s the only way we can bring people together,” he added.


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