Oyeniyi Iwakun; The liar in the Punch newspaper


A pathological liar with a sinister laced motive recently crept into our consciousness when an Oyeniyi Iwakun filled with hatred and deadly prejudice lied that his life was in danger for giving up his scholarship as a postgraduate student in the Department of Political Science, Ahmadu Bello University. , Zaria about the murder of Yakubu Deborah, the Sokoto State College of Education student who was murdered for alleged blasphemy. According to him, he feared that what happened to Deborah in Sokoto would happen to her in Zaria if we were not careful. That in Zaria, particularly in the political science department where he was a student of comparative politics, he faced the fiercest discrimination ever; that he was forced to dress like northerners, forced to say Al-salamu Alaikum and his rented apartment in the off-campus area of ​​Samuru was always targeted!

The same Zaria we graduated from, oh? the same Zaria where you are likely to grasp more Igbo words than even the Hausa language? Same political science department where you have representatives of all the tribes as professors and students! Never seen a pugnacious liar like this irredentist and confrontational new entrepreneur called Iwakun. People like this guy should be avoided at all costs, they are the triggers of the ethnic fault lines that we have, they sow discord just to keep mutual mistrust and ethnic mistrust alive. It is as poisonous and barbaric as the mob that lynched Deborah in Sokoto, bloodthirsty as the mob that killed the four souls in Lekki, Lagos and as the unknown deadly gunmen who beheaded the legislator and tore open the belly of a pregnant woman and killed her. four children in the street of Anambra.

Admission to Ahmadu Bello University Zaria is the most sought after in Nigeria, people travel from far and wide to study at ABU. During my time, all the student heads of departments in the faculty of social sciences were either Igbo, Yoruba, Idoma and all Christians. You have all the tribes as pupils, Zaria was a pilot field and still a model of national cohesion. You have giant mosques and churches in the school without anyone infringing on another person’s right. Anyone who comes to the media to paint a grotesque image of ABU Zaria as a reflection of bigotry is nothing but a dealer in lies and fabricated misdeeds. People like this guy to whom a whole punch journal gives an entire page to spit out his rant should be told to shut up. Except for some premeditated motive, the Punch newspaper should have known better about the malice inherent in Iwakun’s diatribe. These kinds of blatant lies should not have gone unnoticed if the newspaper had done its due diligence.

We must stop the spread of Islamophobia and stop sustained ethnocentrism and be human, because there is more gain in being human than in being a purveyor of hate and bigotry. Information available from the ABU Zaria Department of Political Science indicates that the guy is not even a full student yet, as classes did not start until the Academic Staff Union of the University (ASUU) got together. go on strike. He had only registered to be a student. When was he discriminated against when he had no classroom interaction with students or teachers?

For verifiable records! Between 2000 and 2022, ABU Zaria had more Christians as student union government presidents, but a walled school in a Muslim-dominated area! At ABU, we raise leaders for the world, not people who see through the prisms of ethnicity and religion. Eragbe Anslem hails from Edo, Joshua Wang from Plateau and Alex Mamchika Atta from Taraba and all Christians have dominated as leaders of Ahmadu Bello University Students’ Union Government. In fact, Nancy Obijiaku Nzelu, a lady from the East, almost won the presidency before her colleague. the ladies overwhelmingly voted for Joshua Wang!

As worthy products of the great citadel of learning, we must never allow the antics of special interests to ruin the reputation of a school that has cured us. And when you keep silent when ABU is slandered because of political correctness, it shows one thing, you are not a worthy descendant of ABU Zaria. I am doing this to disabuse the minds of those who might be deceived by the lies of the guy who said ABU Zaria is a discriminatory ground. So I challenge anyone to mention a school where Muslims lead their Student Union government – ​​I’m talking about first generation universities!

The north may have its problems, but the same north provides proper assistance to more Nigerians than any region. Learn to respect the culture of the northerners and live freely like a king. People should deliberately stop painting the north in negative colors – there is humanity in this region.

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