OFF GRID: Councilor responds to newspaper article about potential ban on new homes in Northwood


Northwood Council published an article in a major newspaper claiming the authority would face a ban on building homes due to power grid problems.

In an article written for the Financial Times on July 28, it was claimed that reporters from the paper had seen a memo written by the Greater London Authority (GLA), warning property developers that Hillingdon Borough Council would not be allowed to do build new houses. until 2035.

This is believed to be due to the lack of power grid capacity and also applies to Hounslow and Ealing councils. The authority blamed the power shortage on a series of new data centers planned to be built in the three boroughs.

However, Councilor Eddie Lavery, a member of the Resident Services Cabinet, said: “It’s a bit of a scaremongering story that has blown the reality of the situation out of proportion.

“We are not aware of any housing project planned for the affected borough. There is also evidence that electrical capacity has been reserved for developments that may never take place and this latent capacity should be made available for projects that will be delivered.

“We understand that the GLA is working hard to resolve the situation as quickly as possible, in the meantime we are confident that we will deliver on our housing promises.”

If the story is accurate, it could lead to further concerns about London’s ongoing housing shortage.

A spokesperson for the Mayor (and therefore the GLA) said: ‘The Mayor is very concerned that power capacity constraints in three west London boroughs are creating a significant challenge for developers ensuring fast connections to the power grid, which could affect the delivery of thousands of much-needed homes.

“Sadiq requested a meeting with the government weeks ago, which has now been agreed. In the midst of a housing crisis, he calls on ministers to work with him to solve this problem as a matter of urgency.

“The Mayor’s team is also working closely with responsible network providers, to seek solutions to mitigate potential delays and unblock the issue. These solutions do not affect the planning permission.

Photo credit: Christian Guthier

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