Newspaper ‘interview’ on feud with Narendra Modi and secret minister with backing of 252 BJP MPs sparks social media storm


A newspaper interview about the row between Narendra Modi and one of his ministers claiming to have the support of 252 BJP MPs has sparked a huge social media storm. The interview was published by the Maharashtra Lokmat Times, which did not reveal the identity of the minister claiming to threaten Modi with the backing of 252 MPs. The said interview was published in the Nagpur edition of the Lokmat Times.

The headline of the report read: “All not well with BJP senior leadership, says chief cabinet minister in Modi’s government.” According to the Lokmat Times report, there were also “major differences in the leadership of the BJP”. According to the newspaper, this was revealed by a “senior minister” in the Modi government during an “informal conversation”.

The report went on to claim that the unnamed minister was so hurt by Modi that he told the prime minister: “If you have the courage, try to remove me from the cabinet.” The unnamed minister, according to the Lokmat Times, said he had the power to bring down the Modi government as he enjoyed the support of 252 MPs, but was bound by ideology.

The report in question also claimed that Modi prevented Pankaj Singh from becoming a minister in the UP government after Yogi Adityanath won a decisive mandate for the second time. Pankaj Singh is the son of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and represents Noida as an MP.

The “interview” caused a storm on social media, with users reacting to the content. While Modi’s critics hit out at the government, his supporters hit out at the Maharashtra-based newspaper by calling the interview a make-believe job.

There was no reaction from the government or the BJP to the Maharashtra-based paper’s claims.


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