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MITHI: Sindh Minister of Culture, Tourism and Education, Syed Sardar Ai Shah said the provincial government is committed to promoting tourism in the hilly areas of Nagarparkar and other parts of the district from Tharparkar by providing more facilities for tourists and picnickers.

Mr Shah, who visited the Karoonjhar hills on Sunday, was speaking to the media about his plans to promote tourism in the desert region.

“We have already established a beautiful tourist attraction, Rooplo Kolhi Resort, here while other such projects are underway to develop the area as a unique tourist spot. These projects would help promote seasonal tourism in Tharparkar,” he said, adding that boarding and accommodation facilities for families at other rest houses here would also be made available.

Mr Shah said a comprehensive 30-room English language school with all essential science facilities and equipment would be established for local boys and girls in Nagarparkar. In addition, he said, an archaeological research center and another resort with modern facilities were being established in this city.

Regarding the illegal quarrying of granite from the Karoonjhar hills, the minister said he was trying his best to control the illegal activity that was damaging the hills. “PPP leaders believed in protecting all these sites and encouraging wholesome activities so that people can derive maximum benefit from them and the culture of Sindh can be promoted very effectively,” he said. he declares.

He pointed out that a museum and some other structures have been built and named after prominent freedom fighter Roolpo Kolhi and philanthropist Thari Miskeen Jahan Khan Khoso.

Mr Shah said senior authorities would approach the Border Security Force Command again on a plan to install a chairlift in Karoonjhar.

He said he was delighted to see a large number of tourists flocking to Nagarparkar and other parts of the Thar region to enjoy the natural beauty amid the heavy rains of the past few weeks that have turned the desert region verdant.

Speaking about the severe water shortage experienced by Sindh in the first half of the year, Syed Sardar Shah said that the provincial government has undertaken some mega projects of small dams to store rainwater which has sparked an agricultural revolution in this region. “More culture and heritage promotion projects have been undertaken with a view to ensuring easy access to historical sites, especially ancient Jain temples,” he said.

MPA Qasim Siraj Soomro told the media that the ongoing rainfall has already turned the whole desert region green and thousands of people visit it these days to enjoy the natural beauty.

Posted in Dawn, August 8, 2022


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