Members of the AMSU office “dismissed” – The Sangai Express


Sep 11, 2022


By our journalist
Imphal, September 10: Key officials of the All Manipur Students Union (AMSU) headquarters, including the President, Vice President and General Secretary for the term 2021-2023, have reportedly been removed from their positions at following problems within the student organization and their executive committee was also “abolished”.
The announcement was made by Robindro Laishram, ad hoc member of the AMSU Executive Council, during a press conference held at the DM College campus in Thang-meiband today.
Speaking to the media, Robindro said the resolution to dismiss key leaders and abolish the executive committee they backed was taken at a special general meeting held today. Affirming that the ad hoc committee will look into the affairs of AMSU until proper elections are held, he announced the formation of the ad hoc executive council and the ad hoc advisory committee of AMSU.
Robindro continued that the letterhead and seals used by the former president, vice president, general secretary and executive committee of the student organization will no longer be recognized by the student organization.
Saying that the former AMSU president is a lecturer at Norem Birahari College and he was fired because a government employee could not be a leader of the student organization, he added that the vice president of AMSU had been removed from his position because he is not qualified to hold the post while the Secretary General was morally murdering the volunteers of AMSU.


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