Loved and Abhorred Diary Prank


April Fuhl strikes again.

The annual parody of the fictitious fingertips of the journalist who writes only one article a year ensnared many newspaper readers on Friday, April Fool’s Day.

Some laughed.

Others threatened to file a complaint.

“The first thing I thought was, ‘Oh god! When were they going to tell us that?’ followed by ‘We really need height restrictions downtown,'” Councilman Dan Gookin said. “Then I laughed because I was being duped. And I started to dread all the calls that the town hall was going to receive. Good !”

Indeed, City Hall has been hardest hit by widespread anxiety over the 120-story skyscraper – home of the Communist Party, Antifa and Black Lives Matter – which was supposed to rise to where the city now stands. Third Street boat ramp.

“The City has received angry phone calls,” acknowledged Hilary Anderson, director of community planning, Friday mid-morning. “I don’t believe any of them came to planning, but they went through the main number for city hall and the building department, and a call was transferred to the legal department. “

The tidal wave of terror was not completely unexpected.

“I believe that all of the City Hall departments that would normally receive these calls have been made aware of the article to hopefully reassure people that it was an April Fool’s joke ( typical of CDA Press staff writer April Fuhl every year),” Anderson said. .

Critics came from both ends of the spectrum.

“I can’t believe you would put BLM in a category with communists and antifa,” one reader emailed the editor. “Shame on you. Racist.”

“Your lame attempt at humor reveals what your post is really about,” wrote another. “Another left wing, liberal hack, mouthpiece. Maybe CNN and MSNBC will send you thank you money.

Even the mayor was not spared. Here’s an excerpt from an email sent to Mayor Jim Hammond’s account:

“The tower is everything we the people don’t want. Khrushchev said it was free, paid for by FEDERAL money. We are the money, the taxpayers. WE DON’T WANT the American Communist Party, Blm. Antifa. We’re sure he won’t want 15,000 ex and admin people. The nerve of this crazy bring this CRAP FEST will only be sweeter! The 1800 number to call was on page A9, the paper only has A8. Please don’t let this happen!

The calls also clogged press phone lines from reception to circulation. Receptionist Mary Moore had a busy morning, handling dozens of calls from dazed readers.

“Most of them are like, ‘You got me,'” she said of the reactions after explaining it was a joke. “The majority are positive and think it’s funny.”

She added: “A customer just arrived, buying newspapers and passing them out. She absolutely loved the story and wanted to say well done.”

Moore noted a demographic trend.

“More men accept that it was a joke than women,” she said.

And there was another common thread woven throughout many of the calls: “A lot of people say, ‘Oh, well, we don’t have to pack up and move!'”

April Fuhl’s annual parodies have blessed or tarnished – depending on your perspective – the newspaper every April 1st since 2005. The first episode was about a money tree discovered in the prairie.

In what was to become a tradition, history continued on a page that does not exist. In this case, it was the location of the money tree – and hundreds of readers called, wanting to know the exact address.

According to The Press editor, who reportedly knows April Fuhl intimately, the traditional prank serves two main purposes: to remind people to question what they read and to provide an opportunity to laugh at ourselves.

Sometimes it actually works.


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