Liberia: A Reply to the Inquirer Newspaper Article’s Defamatory Allegations Against the Liberian Embassy in London and its Ambassador


Dear editor:

This is to inform you that your journal must cease and desist from defamation of my character and reputation. This notice concerns the false, damaging and defamatory story you published in your newspaper about me and other employees of the Liberian Embassy in London, UK.

The May 23, 2022 edition of your newspaper ran a front-page headline titled “Corruption, Toxic Working Environment at Liberian Embassy in London.” According to your newspaper, the story involved approximately two years of your newspaper’s investigative reporting on public corruption, bribery, unsound work practices and procedures, and other illicit activities by me and other employees of the Liberian Embassy in London, UK – declaring your false and distorted assertions in these specific prongs: (a) that I, the Ambassador, a subject of your investigation, operate a criminal enterprise in embassy, ​​(b) that I and other subjects of your investigation at the Embassy have changed the visa stamp at the Mission for corrupt purposes to support our foreign friends, (c) that a subject of your investigation who linked to me has secretly installed surveillance software on Embassy computers and hidden video cameras to monitor the movements and activities of Embassy employees, (d) that another subject of your investigation which is an employee of the embassy is my channel for the illegal sale of Liberian passports to foreigners, and, (e) that I t The Ambassador has a habit of firing experienced foreign service personnel and replacing them with inefficient people who are loyal to me.

Based on information and beliefs, and as a result of the lies and misrepresentations, misrepresentations and reporting by your publication, your newspaper has seriously damaged the good reputation and character that I have struggled to build at over the decades. I have an impeccable and blameless character that stands out – serving my country as a foreign service official for almost twenty years with a clean record. The frivolous, reckless, erroneous, false and defamatory statements published by your newspaper are a successful work, something savoring partiality, clear exemplification and real wickedness against me, which motivated your injustice and the false and inaccurate descriptions, publishing lies about me as an official of the Liberian Government – being fully aware that these statements were false and outright lies, in reckless disregard of the truth.

Under Liberian law, it is illegal to make a direct or indirect false statement against a party that may damage that party’s reputation by exposing that person to public ridicule or harm the person’s profession and image; to make a false statement, photos or videos intended to harm or damage the character or reputation of another, which are communicated to another in writing or verbally, and of which the offending party knows or should have known that these statements, photos or videos were false and false. Worse still, the above were the exact effects intended by your actual malice and prejudice against me to destroy my public authenticity, damage my image and position among Liberian government officials, harm my reputation among members of the diplomatic corps, among my colleagues, and among my family and friends around the world.

Generally speaking, despite spending two years conducting investigative reporting for your article, your newspaper did not conduct a pre-publication check to review the article to address legal concerns prior to publication for the purpose of reduce the associated legal risks. Your newspaper also failed to follow good journalistic practices to ensure the accuracy, fairness and completeness of your reporting. Your newspaper has spent two years conducting investigative reporting, but you have not given me and other subjects of your investigation the opportunity to respond and include the the answers in the article to demonstrate your lack of fairness.

Your investigative report was motivated by lies to denigrate my reputation, character and image as a serving official of the Government of Liberia.

It’s not too late, so I’m giving your newspaper the opportunity to correct its defamatory publication against my reputation. Accordingly, I demand with immediate effect that you cease and desist from your unlawful defamation of me and the other subjects of your investigative reporting. You are hereby invited to issue a retraction of your erroneous and biased publication of May 23, 2022 within 10 days of the date indicated above. Your failure to act accordingly within the time specified will cause me to pursue all available legal remedies, including a claim for monetary damages, an injunction, and an order requiring your newspaper to pay court costs and attorneys’ fees. .

The situation with your newspaper is serious.


Amb. Gurly Gibson Schwarz


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