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LONDON: Making three pizzas in just 70 seconds, an Iraqi refugee and Domino employee has been crowned the world’s fastest pizza maker.

Zagros Jaff, 33, had never seen pizza before arriving in the UK 17 years ago, but after spending the last 15 years at the Domino’s branch in Portsmouth, ‘he has learned a thing or two’ , Metro reported on Friday.

Impressing the judges and a crowd of 8,000 at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Jaff battled pizza makers from around the world to claim his crown and win $3,000.

Celebrating his win, he said: “It was a great feeling – I’m so excited to have won. I’ve been practicing for all these years continuously so it was such a great moment.

Finalists had to hand-stretch fresh dough as well as sauce and toppings over three large pizzas.

Hitting 70 seconds required Jaff to train twice a week for at least seven weeks before the competition, his speed theoretically meaning he could produce 150 per hour.

He said that if one of his pizzas hadn’t been “just a few grams overweight”, he would have cut it to 56 seconds, with speed as the only element, because the quality, the application of the sauce and the dosage of toppings were also taken into account.

Competitors were given a time penalty or risked having pizzas disqualified if they weren’t perfect.

Jaff has previously won awards for Domino’s Manager and Supervisor of the Year and won the chain’s European record three years in a row.


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