Lamas take over board member position as appointed member


Llamas, however, said he was “grateful” to be back on the board. He said he wanted to win the 2020 election but was hampered by the pandemic.

“I probably didn’t make as much human contact as I would have liked,” Llamas said. He added that he was leaning towards throwing his hat into the ring for the 2022 election where there were three seats up for grabs. If he ends up filing, he said he’s “going to race to win.”

When Llamas first served on the council, he was the first council member to be sworn in digitally. Almost worthy of the COO of a software company. In fact, Llamas spent most of his twenties in Los Angeles working for a few tech startups.

In addition to growing up in Woodlake, Llamas also worked for the city between his two stints in Los Angeles. Between 2016 and 2018, he worked as a code compliance officer and also carried out town planning works. Llamas said it helped him build a relationship with city staff and understand what the city was doing.

“Having that relationship with the team there and learning how the city works and how the city operates… got me interested in serving the city as a city council,” Llamas said. “But on the council, you don’t vote from the [staff perspective]… you vote for the whole city.


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