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Lakeshore released a draft of its 2022 budget document with a proposal to increase the tax rate by 2.64%.

Lakeshore Municipality officials say that with the increase, they still remain below the level of inflation and would maintain Lakeshore’s number one spot in the region as the lowest tax rate relative to the average income of residents. households. If approved, the increase, taking into account county and education levies, would see an average of $ 62 added to annual property tax bills.

“This budget builds on the successes of past years, focuses on achieving the Council’s strategic priorities and has adapted to the challenges that local governments have faced throughout the pandemic,” said Justin Rousseau, business manager – Chief Financial Officer of Lakeshore. “Lakeshore has experienced sustainable growth and this budget, if approved, will ensure that we are well positioned to welcome investments and welcome new residents in the future. “

The 2022 budget provides for operating expenses of $ 53.7 million with offsetting revenues estimated at $ 17.1 million from grants, user fees and returns on investment. An additional $ 17.2 million is proposed for capital projects, which will be funded through reserve transfers or the issuance of long-term debt.

The Council will meet to discuss the budget on January 10, 11 and 12. The draft budget can be viewed online at]

Highlights of the budget include:

  • $ 440,000 for the life cycle of the asphalt road resurfacing and $ 675,000 for the road surface treatment program
  • $ 100,000 to replace sidewalks
  • $ 152,000 for stormwater pumping station monitoring systems, $ 90,000 for a new high-capacity emergency sump pump and $ 38,000 for storm and sanitary sewer modeling software
  • $ 612,000 for main line replacement on Comber Side Road
  • $ 870,000 for the engineering and design of Chemin Puce, Rue Major and Avenue Lilydale and $ 1,800,000 for the reconstruction of Chemin Puce
  • $ 67,500 for the community vision and design process for Stoney Point Park and the multi-use community hub facility
  • $ 250,000 for improvements to St. Clair Shores Park
  • $ 150,000 to update the transportation master plan
  • $ 10,000 to plant additional trees in Maidstone Park
  • $ 115,000 to replace the playground structure at Stoney Point Par
  • $ 934,000 for a new fire truck and two hybrid control unit vehicles (electric / gasoline)
  • $ 221,500 for technology, personnel and other requirements to complete the 2022 municipal elections

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