Kobe Bryant journal article published on same day as coronavirus vaccine story?


On January 26, Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others were killed in a tragic helicopter crash in Calabasas, California. While the death of the NBA legend continued to grab the headlines for days, news about the emerging disease COVID-19 did not attract attention. At that time, only a few cases of COVID-19 had been reported in the United States. Today, more than 14,000 deaths worldwide have been reported after the WHO declared the virus a global pandemic.

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Kobe Bryant Journal Article: Was Kobe Bryant Death & Coronavirus Reported Same Day?

About two months ago, United States today published an article on the virus, reporting on the rush to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus. The article was placed in the left corner of the newspaper, while the article covering Bryant’s death took up maximum space on the front page. Snopes was the first to write on the two articles one day printed, highlighting how widespread the COVID-19 disease is now as authorities struggle to contain the virus and treat those infected as the global death toll continues to increase. The articles were read by the reader about five weeks ago.

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January 27, 2020 Kobe Bryant newspaper article

(Source: Snopes official website)

Kobe Bryant Newspaper Article: USA Today January 27, 2020 Coronavirus Digital Article Posted January 24

Screenshot of today's United States

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Kobe Bryant Newspaper Article: USA Today January 27, 2020 Coronavirus Reported Same Day As Kobe Bryant Newspaper Article

While United States todayThe article on the coronavirus was included in the January 27 issue of the print newspaper, the digital version was uploaded three days ago on January 24. The article was about the National Institutes of Health teaming up with a Boston company to develop a vaccine for the deadly virus. However, United States today also mentioned the outbreak of the virus, and how a vaccine may not be developed in time.

As of January, 1,975 cases were reported in China, while the United States had just five confirmed cases. The virus had already spread to neighboring countries like Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. Now, the United States has crossed 35,000 confirmed cases (458 deaths in total), while China has reported more than 80,000 cases (3,270 deaths in total).

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