Johnson City Press reporter retires after 39 years of service | News


When Larry Andes finds something he enjoys doing, he sticks to it.

That’s why Andes spent 39 years as a Johnson City Press newspaper carrier.

Andes, who recently retired, started out as a transporter helping his father on a paper route after suffering a neck injury. After recovering, Andes hit the road to give his father a break.

“I broke my neck and started helping my dad to do it, then the last five years of his life I let him go and travel and everything and I did and I carried on to do it from there, ”Andes said.

And when Andes says he’s sticking to something, he really means it.

Despite a 2007 motorcycle accident that left his back broken, Andes missed very little work as a porter. His dedication to the road went beyond being punctual, however.

“Be nice to your customers,” Andes said. “Make your work count. Don’t go out and just throw some papers away. Just be good. Do the best job you can do if you want to be a carrier.

Andes said his route changed very little in his 39 years with the carrier, which got him to know a lot of people he delivered to, and speaking with the people along his route was his favorite part of his job.

“I learned, it took a while, but I learned that the kinder you are and the more you try to help someone, the nicer people are to you,” said Andes.

Now that Andes is retired, he hopes he has more time to do some of the other things he’s stuck with, like riding his motorcycle.

“I want to ride my motorbike and see a few different places,” Andes said.



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