ITV Corrie fans spot newspaper article calling for more humor during scenes with dying Laura Neelan


The Manchester Evening News made an appearance on Coronation Street in the hour-long episode on Sunday evening as Laura Neelan read our article on the soap opera.

Kelly Neelan’s abusive mother, played by Kel Allen, returned to Weatherfield last month to reveal she was dying of stomach cancer and only had months to live.

Since then, a broken Kelly has been secretly caring for her mother while juggling shifts at Trim Up North barbers.


On Sunday evening, Laura was seen lying on the couch with some reading material, and eagle-eyed fans noticed she opened up a MEN story on the long-running soap.

Fans noted that the article, from April 2018, was about a heartfelt open letter written to the show’s producer Iain MacLeod as he took over from Kate Oates who had been at the helm for two years.

Viewer Karen Selfridge took to the MEN Coronation Street Facebook page to express her well wishes for his tenure, calling on Iain to bring some spirit to the world’s oldest soap while giving longtime fans a taste of the heads of the “residents”, not their rooms.

Karen also called for “more character substance and less sensationalism for the ratings”.

And she pleaded for ‘fewer scenes of drug addicts shooting each other in church’, referring to vicar Billy Mayhew taking heroin collapsed next to the pews in February 2018, prompting complaints to Ofcom .

Video: Corrie fans think they spot the moment Amy was doped (Manchester Evening News)

Corrie fans think they spot the moment Amy was stung

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Four years later, in other scenes screened on Sunday, viewers complained that relapsed drug addict Abi Franklin was seen high on drugs with her drug dealer who snorted a substance at 13 Coronation Street.

The Talk of the Street podcast tweeted a screenshot of Laura along with the article.

And @smugdenn replied, “Interesting way to break the fourth wall tbf.”

Viewer Karen wrote to Iain: “Welcome! I hope you took the time to research and understand Tony Warren’s vision for the series, as well as watch episodes every year since.

“As lifelong fans, we want to get inside residents’ heads, not their rooms. We often look to our favorite characters for inspiration, for how they handle a life situation that we are also likely to find ourselves in.”

Kelly secretly takes care of her mother

Kelly secretly takes care of her mother

She continued, “We crave balance; laughter and tears. Please show us your spirit and pay homage to our beloved past characters.” More character substance and less sensationalism for the ratings would go a long way.

“We’re counting on you to make Corrie the number one show it used to be with drama, not bloodshed. We know the world is a messed up place and we look to Corrie to branch out , if not to escape.

“So please less scenes of drug addicts shooting each other in church and more old friends having drinks in the ladies room. Thank you and good luck with your new baby.

“PS This letter reflects the opinions of my friends and I, and is not meant to speak for everyone.”




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