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CHICAGO (AP) — The winners have been announced in the 2021 Illinois Associated Press Media Editors Newspaper Contest. The contest features news and sports reports, features, editorials, columns and photos from 2021.


OVERALL EXCELLENCE: First place, The Southern Illinoisan; second place, Herald & Review; third place, Effingham Daily News.

BEST DIGITAL TALE: First Place, Herald & Review, 25th Anniversary Decatur Tornadoes, Staff; second place, Herald & Review, Golden Knights, Clay Jackson; third place, Herald & Review, Bird Boxes, Clay Jackson.

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PUBLIC SERVICE: First Place, Effingham Daily News, COVID and Our Community, Staff; Dixon Telegraph, DCFS polled the home five times before the death of 7-year-old Kathleen Schultz; third place, The Quincy Herald-Whig, Pike County Tax Issues, Drew Zimmerman.

CORPORATE COVERAGE: First Place, Northwest Herald, Flooding on the Fox, Sam Lounsberry, Cassie Buchman and Emily Coleman (this story was also selected as the Division I contest winner); second place, DeKalb Daily Chronicle, owner transfer looms as City of DeKalb targets Hunter Properties, Katie Finlon and Kelsey Rettke buildings; third place, The Southern Illinoisan, High school allocates nearly $900,000 in football field COVID-19 relief grant, Kallie Cox.

GENERAL NEWS: First up, Northwest Herald, a man convicted in 1997 of the murder of an Elgin toddler calls the death an accident, Katie Smith; second place, Dixon Telegraph, A Slap In The Face, Rachel Rodgers and Kathleen Schultz; third place, DeKalb Daily Chronicle, drama Clerk returns with newly elected cast members Katie Finlon and Kelsey Rettke.

FEATURE: First Place, La Salle NewsTribune, Fiesta!, Tom Collins; second place, Southern Illinoisan, SIU aviation student Makayla Holder remembered after a tragic motorcycle accident; third place, The Southern Illinoisan, Why did you get the COVID-19 vaccine?, Marilyn Halstead.

SPORTS HISTORY: First Place, Herald & Review, Butterflies, Prayers & Ashtyn, James Boyd; second place, Quincy Herald-Whig, The Life of Riley, Matt Schuckman; Third Place, Herald & Review, I’m So Blessed: Players, Coaches & Friends Honor LSA’s Tom Saunches, Matthew Flaten.

BUSINESS REPORTS: First up, Northwest Herald, Domino’s Pizza in Cary allegedly pressured staff to work after COVID-19 exposure, documents say Kelli Duncan; second place, DeKalb Daily Chronicle, Amazon paid $6.3 million for nearly 59 acres of land to DeKalb, Katie Finlon and Kelsey Rettke; third place, Dixon Telegraph, Where are all the workers?, staff.

NEWS PHOTO: First Place, The Alton Telegraph, Memorial to Amazon Victims, John Badman; second place, The Alton Telegraph, McDonald’s Destroyed, John Badman; third place, The Alton Telegraph, Top off rescue, John Badman.

MAIN PHOTO: First place, The Alton Telegraph, grueling work, John Badman (this photo was also selected as the winner of the competition); second place, The Southern Illinoisan, Winter walk, Byron Hetzler; third place, The Alton Telegraph, Memorial Parade, John Badman.

PORTRAIT/PERSONALITY: First Place, The Dixon Telegraph, Water Legend, Alex T. Paschal; second place, the DeKalb Daily Chronicle, Tribute to Veterans, Mark Busch; third place, Northwest Herald, Lovebirds, Matthew Apgar.

SPORTS PICTURE: First place, The Southern Illinoisan, highs and lows, Byron Hetzler; second place DeKalb Daily Chronicle, Sportsmanship at its best, Mark Busch; third place, Dixon Telegraph, Moon Shot, Alex T. Paschal.


GENERAL EXCELLENCE: First Place, Chicago Sun-Times, Staff; second place, The Daily Herald, personal; third place, Le Pantagraphe, staff.

BEST DIGITAL TALE: First Place, Chicago Tribune, Chess Before the Fires, Cecilia Reyes, Madison Hopkins and Jonathon Berlin; second place, Chicago Sun-Times, Through the flames, Jesse Howe; third place, Chicago Sun-Times, A detailed timeline of the shooting of Adam Toledo, Jesse Howe and Andy Boyle.

PUBLIC SERVICE: First Place, Chicago Tribune, Chess Before The Fires, Cecilia Reyes and Madison Hopkins; second place, Chicago Sun-Times/Better Government Association, The Costly Toll of Dead End Drug Arrests, Frank Main, Casey Toner and Jared Rutecki; third place, Chicago Sun-Times, Preserving homes in historic Black Chicago Figures, Maudlyne Ihejirika.

CORPORATE COVERAGE: First place, Chicago Tribune, One gun, 27 shootings, staff (this story was also selected as the Division II contest winner); Chicago Sun-Times, Cook County Property Assessment Failures, Tim Novak, Lauren FitzPatrick and Caroline Hurley; third place, Chicago Sun-Times, What’s in Illinois’ legal weed?, Stephanie Zimmerman and Tom Schuba.

GENERAL NEWS: First place, Preserving homes of historic Black Chicago Figures, Maudlyne Ihejerika; runner-up, The Daily Herald, Our Neighbor’s House is Gone, Katlyn Smith, Lauren Rohr and Scott Morgan; third place, The Dispatch-Argus, Bridging the past, Brooklyn Draisey.

FEATURE: First Place, Chicago Sun-Times, Back from the Precipice, Patrick Finley; second place, Chicago Tribune, Women in radio call out toxic and sexist culture, Tracy Swartz, Christy Gutowski and Stacey Westcott; third place, Chicago Sun-Times, In the Dark, Anne Costabile.

SPORTS STORY: First place, Chicago Tribune, Steve McMichael in a vicious fight against ALS, Dan Wiederer; second place, Chicago Tribune, Lawsuits brings scrutiny to the behavior of former Blackhawks coach Phil Thompson and Christy Gutowski; third place, Chicago Sun-Times, Return from the Brink, Patrick Finley.

CASE REPORTS: First Place, Chicago Tribune, The Aftermath of Chicago’s Civil Unrest in 2020, Staff; second place, Chicago Sun-Times, What’s in Illinois Legal Weed?, Stephanie Zimmermann and Tom Schuba; third place, The Dispatch-Argus, John Deere Strike, Cara Smith.

NEWS PHOTO: First place, Journal Star, Matt Dayhoff, 12, dies in fire; second place, Chicago Sun-Times, Salutes for a slain cop, Ashlee Rezin; third place, Daily Herald, Celebrating release, Brian Hill.

BACKGROUND PHOTO: First Place, Daily Herald, A-mazing Sunflowers, Jeff Knox; second place: Chicago Sun-Times, record Carp Wheeling down a Chicago street in a shopping cart, Daisy Schultz; third place, Belleville News-Democrat, A Starr in the making, Derik Holtmann.

PORTRAIT/PERSONALITY: First place, Daily Herald, tough teenager, Brian Hill; second place, Chicago Sun-Times, slave granddaughter, Anthony Vazquez; third place, The Pantagraph, pandemic survivor, David Proeber.

SPORTS PHOTO: First Place, Daily Herald, Made It!, John Starks; second place, Daily Herald, Eyeing his Helmet, Brian Hill; third place, Journal Star, rejection of Bradley, Matt Dayhoff.

The column and editorial winners were judged in a single division.

COLUMN: First Place, Chicago Sun-Times, John W. Fountain; second place, Chicago Sun-Times, Neil Steinberg; third place, Daily Southtown, Ted Slowik.

EDITORIAL EDITORIAL: First Place, Northwest Herald, Mark Baldwin; second place, Lee Bey; Third Place, Chicago Sun-Times, Sun-Times Editorial Board.

The awards will be presented at the Illinois Press Association Convention, August 10-12, at the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel, 701 E. Adams St. Springfield, Illinois. Details of the convention will be announced in June.

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