From now on, delivery of all products is possible through Gulf News newspaper carriers in the UAE


“Our runners ensured that they made timely and appropriate deliveries during difficult periods and bad weather conditions and ensured that they reported on time taking into account the large volume of orders,” he said. declared.

Gulf News has been providing the service of its couriers for last mile delivery of different categories of businesses such as drugstore chains, logistics companies, etc., according to Potru Raju, Director, Gulf News Circulation Sales and Distribution.

Gulf News has a team of 350 motorcycle delivery people.

Gulf News’ outsourced delivery service has become a flexible, successful and sustainable model for many businesses, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, he said.

“With an average of 15-20 years’ experience delivering Gulf News newspapers, our well-trained and experienced couriers provide faster and better delivery service, which is very important in today’s highly competitive market. today, especially since there has been a boom in e-commerce and almost all businesses have been forced to provide delivery services during the pandemic,” Raju explained.

He said customers are very satisfied with the service.

Talking about the additional services they provide, some of the Gulf News deliverers said they are accustomed to delivering the newspaper in all seasons, regardless of harsh weather conditions and traffic jams.

Rihas Abbas, one of the delivery men working for a pharmacy in Al Barsha, said he was used to cycling in all kinds of weather conditions for delivering newspapers.

“So I don’t see bad weather as a problem at all,” he said.

With 15 years of experience at Gulf News, Abbas is an expert in locating delivery locations, just like his colleagues. They know the routes by heart and it is easier for them to navigate the streets and alleys to reach the delivery destination quickly.

Noor Mohammed Shaikh, another courier who provides a delivery service for an e-commerce company, said he was very happy with the company’s support for employees.

“It was after joining Gulf News that I managed to solve the financial problems I was facing at home. Now, with this extra income, I could complete the construction of my dream house sooner than expected”, Shaikh said.


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