Flashback Friday: bogus newspaper article in Emmetsburg


EMMETSBURG, Iowa (KELO) — Next week people will be putting on their green clothes for St. Patrick’s Day. In this week’s Flashback Friday, I’ll take you back to 1985, when a town in Iowa prepared to celebrate the holidays.

A phony newspaper article nearly had patrons of the local bar crying in their beer. This piece of yellow journalism, or should we say green journalism, was found in Emmetsburg Reporter and Democrat.

Earlier this week, the newspaper reported that striking postal workers in Ireland would not be able to deliver green dye to Emmetsburg. No green dye meant no green beer for St. Patrick’s Day.

The article was a practical joke written to generate publicity for the city’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and it worked. The article left many people wondering, others laughing.

” Where is that from ? Is this really going to happen? Some thought it was extremely funny. I think in any town that has canned blarney and canned blarney repellent, you can expect almost anything to happen.

“They knew it was a prank and a hoax and they all got a big kick out of it.”

The latest edition of the Emmetsburg newspaper reports, ironically, that a batch of green dye has finally arrived. Courtesy of an Irish Air Force Leprechaun. Good news for the inhabitants of the city.

“Are you relieved to have green beer now?” “Oh yeah! Much more relieved. I’ll feel better when it turns green. When I’m half green too, I’ll definitely feel much better.”


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