Fact check: A newspaper in Papua New Guinea published a letter criticizing Liz Truss.


By Ishita Goel J.

Papua New Guinea Post-Courier has not published such a letter. It comes from a Twitter account that posts satirical content.


Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are the latest candidates to succeed Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party and British Prime Minister. The result will be announced on September 5 after polls close on September 2, 2022. There is regular and almost constant reporting on the election by various news outlets. An image of an alleged newspaper article is going viral on social media platforms, with the headline ‘Letter from London’ with a caption ‘from our own correspondent’. The reported newspaper article also includes a photo of British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss. The article was also shared on Facebook on August 2 with the caption “Mail from Papua New Guinea…”.

In reality:

Papua New Guinea Post-Courier is a leading newspaper based in Konedobu, Port Moresby (capital and largest city of Papua New Guinea). No matching results came up when we searched the website and their social media accounts for the article.

Using keywords from the alleged newspaper article, we discovered that the viral news clipping was also being shared on Twitter. It was posted by the handle @secrettory12 (THE SECRET TORY), on August 1, 2022. The description of the Twitter account links to a book about the Conservative government on Amazon, titled “The Diary of a Secret Tory MP: (Almost! ) True stories from the heart of Westminster. The account tweeted another similar letter on August 20, saying, “British correspondent for the Papua New Guinea Courier just passed me his last letter from London” on Truss. THE SECRET TORY’s Patreon site has the tagline “Creating satire for the (w)ages”. On August 24, the account tweeted the link to their Patreon. The newspaper clipping which was obviously fabricated or digitally altered was in all likelihood shared as satire by the account and does not constitute authentic and credible news reporting.

The viral letter about Truss read, “As Liz Truss prepares to take matters into her own hands and walk away from administration, she has administered with a relentless focus on turbocharging us with meaningless platitudes, he seems odd that Brexit was once considered the island’s nadir.” Also, he highlighted some of his climate claims against former Chancellor Rishi Sunak. The letter added, “now likely to be led by a woman so dense that light bends around her”.

BBC News reported on August 18 that the two candidates had already drawn up a list of policies to be taken up in the coming months. For one of the policies, Truss said she would sideline the renewable energy sector and reduce energy bills. Some of his policies have focused on reducing the cost of living and reforming insurance tax policies.

The verdict:

The viral letter is a satirical piece shared with different images of Truss. The Twitter user who posted it is known for posting satirical messages. The Papua New Guinea Post-Courier newspaper did not publish such an article. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false.

Source: Logically.


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