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Someone once said, “How a person handles disappointment says a lot about what’s important in their life.”

Heartbreak, sadness, disappointment and regret – we all know these emotions. Often, we feel them all together, and it is rare that one does not accompany the other. Even if you feel like the entire weight of the world is on your shoulders, you can’t just accept defeat and let the uncomfortable feeling of disappointment hold you back. No matter how many tears you shed, it’s inevitable that one day you’ll have to wake up and make peace with the world, because a rainbow never appears if there hadn’t been rain before. .

Ever since I was young, it was my biggest dream to go to Harvard, “the best university,” as my mother called it. All my life, I had worked hard and maintained my grades, so that one day I could get into the college of my dreams. All my friends and acquaintances were convinced that I would be able to get into Harvard; after all, I had only been successful with flying colors all my life.

However, my whole world came crashing down when I got my rejection letter from my dream university. Everyone, including me, had set their hopes so high that there was a long way to go.

I gave in to myself, not understanding where I had failed, even though I had given my best. Nothing could revive me, not even getting into Yale, a “second-tier” university in my opinion. I cried all day and night, and barely ate or drank anything, letting my immeasurable disappointment and grief eat at me, because the problem with wearing your heart on your sleeve is that he can easily bruise himself.

Every time I tried to pull myself together, the feeling of rejection would come back and hit me like a train. But I knew life couldn’t go on like this. I knew that even though the news was hard to swallow, I had to accept it or risk choking. Even though it was hard at first, I tried, little by little every day, and I picked myself up because it’s normal to lose and fail.

It doesn’t matter how many times or how hard you fall, it’s how quickly you get back up that counts.

Although it was painful at first, I accepted admission to Yale and went through my classes with a stone in my heart. Over time, the wound healed. And even though my future turned out to be different than I imagined, I still won because I fell and came back. I did not let my disappointment muzzle me and order me to his will.

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