Driver sets rickshaw on fire for ‘good’ – Newspaper


LAHORE: A motorbike rickshaw driver set his three-wheeler on fire after a traffic cop issued him a ticket with a hefty fine and allegedly beat him for protesting an ‘unnecessary fine’ .

The incident happened in the Raiwind area and a video clip of the incident, showing the motor rickshaw in flames, has gone viral on social media.

The rickshaw owner told media that he had parked his vehicle on the side of the road and was waiting for customers when the traffic warden issued him the ticket. He said he objected to his unnecessary act and told him (the director) that he had committed no offence.

At this, he said, the traffic warden abused and slapped him in the presence of several people who had gathered, he alleged, saying the warden had no right to beat him and this unbearable act forced him to set fire to his rickshaw. He demanded departmental action against the director for abusing his authority. He said inflation had already made his life worse, especially in the run up to Eid and that the practice of repeatedly imposing fines was not only unjustified but also cruel.

Lahore City Traffic Officer (CTO) Muntazir Mehdi learned about the rickshaw fire incident from his driver and asked SP Traffic Asif Siddique to investigate the incident .

According to the traffic police spokesman, the patrolman asked the driver of the rickshaw to remove him from the main road. However, the driver got angry and set his vehicle on fire. The driver also tried to set himself on fire but the guard thwarted his attempt. He said no ticket was issued to the driver.

The CTO said legal action would be taken against the relocation of the rickshaw while ministerial action would also be taken against the manager in light of the investigation report if he was found guilty.

Posted in Dawn, July 1, 2022


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