Donald Trump threw crumpled newspaper article at Mike Pence, accusing him of being “so disloyal”


Trump reportedly told Pence he was “so disloyal” when he started the paper.

Trump kept a newspaper article on hiring and said it made him look weak, as if his team were abandoning him as he was probed for his campaign’s role in Russian election meddling. He crumpled the article and threw it at his vice president. ” says the book.

The former vice president told Trump that his senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner asked him to hire Lewandowski and that he had lunch with Trump to discuss the move.

Pence then returned the crumpled newspaper article to Trump and “pointed a finger a few inches from his chest.”

“We’ve explained all the details of that to you,” Pence scolded. “We did this for you – as a favor. And is that how you answer? You have to clarify the facts. “”

Trump denies that the fight with Pence ever took place.

“The story written by third-rate reporter Michael Bender that Mike Pence and I had a big argument over Corey Lewandowski is totally untrue. No such argument ever took place, that’s fiction as are so many other stories written in the great number of books about me, ”he said.

“They write whatever they want anyway without sources, without fact-checking, or without asking whether an event is true or false. Frankly, so many stories are made up or pure fiction.”


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