Clarification regarding a recent newspaper article


Dundee United chief executive Luigi Capuano expressed his disappointment at a newspaper article in The Scotsman on Sunday September 4 referring to the renaming of a lounge in Tannadice and issued the following statement:

“The article was inaccurate and portrays an unfair portrayal of events which I would like to clarify.

“In 2017, under the previous chairmanship, well over a year before Mark and Scott Ogren became owners of the club, a decision was made and implemented by those in charge of the club at the time, to regenerate the two existing lounges (named after Ernest Robertson and Johnston Grant) into the George Fox stand and create a larger lounge.The new lounge is named after a club sponsor who has invested in regeneration.

“Following the sad passing of former manager Bruce Robertson and the ensuing discussions over the transfer of the club’s shares, the Robertson family have raised the fact that they were never informed of the changes to the lounges and the removal of channel names.

“Upon hearing this, I and other members of the management team contacted the Robertson family and invited them to Tannadice to discuss the matter.

“At this meeting, the family received an apology on behalf of the club for the actions of individuals who are no longer with the club and offered several options available to commemorate the legacy of Ernest and the Robertson family. The members of the family who attended the meeting expressed their gratitude for the offer from the current management team and asked for some time to consider the offer and speak to the rest of the family Dundee United are currently awaiting comments of the Robertson family.

“I hope to confirm that the suggested plans have received the approval of the Robertson family in the near future.

“While I am disappointed to have to do so publicly, on behalf of all members of the Dundee United Board, I would like to express our respect and appreciation for the collective effort and impact on Dundee’s history United of Ernest and Bruce Robertson and indeed everyone who has played a positive role in the history of our club.

“Finally, had The Scotsman contacted the club for a comment or to confirm the accuracy of this article, we would have gladly informed the reporter of the correct information.”


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