California Table Grape Commission Expands Media Reach Worldwide


California Table Grape Commission Expands Global Marketing Focus with New Chief Position marketing agent. Commission staff member Alyson Dias has been promoted to director of marketing from her previous position as vice president of advertising and digital media.

Alyson Dias, new marketing director

“Alyson is now responsible for overseeing the global marketing program which includes domestic and export markets and leading a larger market team,” said commission chair Kathleen Nave.

In her new role, Dias is responsible for leading the development of the commission’s marketing campaign and expanding commerce in the United States and overseas, targeting consumers around the world. His responsibilities include overseeing the Grapes from California brand, directing consumer research and commerce to best meet customer demand, and developing campaign strategies to drive consumer grape purchases.

Rachel Coelho

“The success of such a vital and extensive marketing campaign requires a dedicated individual to lead the effort,” Nave said. “Alyson’s comprehensive experience, lively and thoughtful attitude makes her ideal for the role of Chief Marketing Officer.”

In addition to promoting Dias, commission staff members Rachel Coelho and Nick Nakashian will fill two new positions within the established domestic and export marketing team led by Dias. Coelho will act as Deputy Marketing Manager for Social Media and Influencers, Famous Online Personalities, and will share the commission’s content and messages on all the commission’s social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. She will also manage social media influencers and retailer tagged radio programs.

Nick Nakashian

Nakashian is now Deputy Director of Marketing for Content Development and Analytics, with responsibility for analyzing consumer response to commission messages and using learnings to shape content development in key communication areas.

“Being able to bring all marketing elements together under one umbrella is an important step in ensuring key commission messages are delivered effectively around the world,” Nave said.


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