Austrian Juniors Learn Something New in Canada Little Newspaper


For the third time, the EHV team traveled to Canada to face the best juniors in the world of ice hockey. After the first attempt in 2020 and the 2021 World Cup, which was canceled due to Corona, the Austrian team sold for much more this time. Although you were again removed from the lowest echelon of your group before the quarter-finals, there is much to be said for the development and learning implications at this stage. Of course, this time too, there was nothing to win against the big nations of Sweden (0:6) and USA (0:7). Caretaker coach Philipp Pinter’s team showed in stages that Austria could, on an ideal day, take points from neighboring Germany and Switzerland.

It also reflected the increased confidence in the team, that a 2:4 against the Germans led to bitter disappointment, a 2:3 against Switzerland also to serious disappointment. In a performance for the last place in the quarter-finals, the Austrian team took the lead, not without reason, thanks to Leon Wallner. After losing 2-1, they came back in the halfway game and equalized through Ian Scherzer. Supported by a solid Sebastian Wrenschitz, who was in the World Cup positions for the third time, surprise was in the air, but it was a bitter goal in the end the Swiss came back. “It really hurts to lose a game like this with so many great performances in rounds two and three, where you stop and control the opponent,” Pinter said angrily. But the Villach man was also proud of the “strong ice hockey” displayed by his team. “The development of the team through this tournament has made me very proud. But now I feel really sorry for the players because they gave their all, sacrificed themselves and stuck together as a team,” the representative said. by Marco Payval, known for his commitment to the AHL-Club Kitzbühel.The reason did not go to Canada.

The numbers are also a clear testament to the trend that Pinterest identified over the games. For comparison: when they played for the first time in December 2020, the Austrian team only scored one goal against Russia in 1:7. Also, you lost a lot more than this time around with 0:11 to USA. Moreover, Austria scored 29 goals in four games, this time it was “only” 20. This time the Austrians also scored four goals. The fact that the two strikers with Scherzer but with Senna Peters (1 goal each, 2 assists) scored three points in four games, leveled the defensive style of play and the defensive style of the opponent in the most difficult games. longest in the tournament. This is also to be noted in view of Especially since Marco Casper and Vinzenz Rohr were two major absentees on the offensive with the NHL Draft. And the fact that North American legend Sebastian Rheinschitz reached 90% with an 89.5% catch rate is not a sure thing, conceding an average of 4.34 goals and a total of 124 shots on target. The one-goal Austrian keeper has managed 111 total catches in 180 minutes of play. Discipline definitely needs to be improved. With 82 penalty minutes, the Austrians are the “bad guys” of this World Cup.

“If you have a chance to qualify for the quarter-finals of the fourth group match of the World Cup, it is very special. The disappointment immediately outweighs the disappointment, but the game was on the edge and you really, I can be proud of that. The momentum gained by Austrian ice hockey was also clearly visible here. Many players will also return in December to the U20 World Cup, the next shot against such nations again. is important”, summarizes Roger Bader, the sports director and boss of a team whose workforce will soon be considered for one or the other.

Battle of Exile in December

Speaking of the upcoming World Cup, Austria will once again be one of the best in winter. However, a long stay in Group A is not necessary for sporting reasons. Normally, you would have already completed two relegation playoffs. There was no allegation in 2020 as only World Cup A was played due to Corona, so there was a shortage of climbers. This time, Belarus and Russia were excluded. In any case, he would now be against the expulsion, the opponents of the group being Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany and Sweden.


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