Asbury Park Press Mailbag Journal abandoned


If you’re a fan of old school lore, you’re probably not going to like this news.

Others will say “finally”.

We live in a digital world.

Technology is an important part of our daily life.

Think about it. In virtually every facet of your life, technology plays a big role.

You are probably reading this article on your phone. If it’s not your phone, it’s on a tablet or computer. For this I am grateful.

When it comes to constant technological change, there are three types of people.

There are those who embrace her wholeheartedly.

These are the people who are often ahead of the trends.

They love screens. The more the better. Is there even another way?

Then there are those who accept the technology. They don’t necessarily drag their feet for the “good old days,” but they do keep abreast of technology and make it part of their daily lives. Besides, I am in this category.

Finally, there are those who believe that technology as a whole is ruining our society. It turns our children into mindless drones. You will often hear these people use sayings like “things were so much easier in the days when everything was not on a computer”. Just give them a typewriter and let them do it.

Whichever category you fall into, you’re good to go. No judgment here. However, the interruption of a delivery that we have always received can be a trigger.

The post bag.

It’s the mini printed newspaper that drops off at the foot of your driveway every week.

It included hyper-local headlines and store flyers and coupons.

If you’re in the Monmouth and Ocean County area, the days of The Mailbag are over.

Jennifer Kristen of the Lacey Township Chatter Facebook group noticed this announcement from The Mailbag last week.

Are you disappointed and wondering where you’re going to get your coupons or are you glad you didn’t have to get rid of the piles of these now brick-hard monstrosities?

It all depends on what you think of the technology. According to this blur, you will be able to get a digital edition of The Mailbag online.

RIP mail bag. It’s the end of an era.

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