As Johnny Carson said, “And we’re back”.


Incredibly, we are starting our 17th summer at Maine’s “Prettiest Village”, Wiscasset.We arrived Monday afternoon after the four day drive from Hilton Head, SC. In fact, there was a somewhat formal return – from Larry Heseltinthe chief of police. We were slow to disarm our home’s security system, so the leader rolled over. He thought our view of the river was great.

By the way, the chef – AND his son – graduated from Central Maine Community College last month. Larry’s degree is in criminal justice (proper!), his son Gage is in building technology.

Later, as we prepared to walk the dog, which to our amazed eyes appeared other than a welcome basket from our neighbors Mark and Ann Light. Fresh flowers and fresh eggs. It’s going to be a wonderful summer.

While it was very hot in much of the country, we slept under blankets here. In fact, for the first time in three years, we had a fire in the fireplace as the mercury here plunged to 42 degrees. It’s been so long since it’s been cold enough in June to light up. Something hot!

If history repeats itself, things are going to get very hot here for the 4th of July weekend. This is also when my sister and her family will be here. There are seven adults and six children, the oldest of whom is 18. We look forward to a lobster feast, kayaking, walking in the fields, sailing on a schooner and riding a two foot narrow gauge railway, wagon rides and dinner in a lavender farm.

Speaking of lobster, a new season of Netflix’s “Someone Feed Phil” is on the streaming service with our own red eats. Phil Rosenthal and his team produced the episode last summer. His favorite things in Maine…lobster and family. It’s true. So many of our friends and nabors here have been here for decades. You look at real estate transactions in the Wiscasset newspaper and you see a lot of families passing the house on to a next generation. But the pandemic has certainly boosted real estate activity from new people who have realized how they can live more simply while being “connected” to their jobs or tech companies.

The summer promises to be busy. The season kicks off next weekend with the first monthly Wiscasset Art Walk. It will be followed by weekly farmers markets, lobster races (they reach up to 45 mph!), the first Visit of the house of Wiscassetin July, a strawberry festival, summer festivaland it continues.

There is one less large restaurant this year. The The little village bistro has closed, becoming Midcoast layouts and offering “Gourmet meals, delivered”

Tarbox does Monday Night Pizza. The people of Water street food who did it last year Tarbox bowed out, returning to their restaurant area. Chances are both of these have to do with the pandemic and how difficult it has been (and still is!) to find staff. Grandma’s Bakery owner, jessica, faces the same challenge and occasionally airs out his frustrations in a web post. She also posts daily specials and new additions to the menu.


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