African Americans gear up for Igbo World Festival in the US – The Whistler Newspaper


Everything is now set for the 2022 Igbo Arts and Culture World Festival to be held from July 29-30, 2022 in the United States, according to the Chairman of the Council of Igbo States of the Americas, Engineer James Ogbuka.

The festival, which is the 9th World Igbo Arts Festival organized by CISA, will be held at the Frontier Cultural Museum Igbo West Africa Village, Staunton Virginia, USA, organizers said in a statement signed by Chief Mathias Mgbeafulu, Director of CISA media. and advertising.

Engineer Ogbuka, in the statement, reiterated the availability of the CISA Board of Directors, led by Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze; the board of directors and the festival committee for the historic event.

He said, “People traveling from Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa, Nigeria, Canada and the continental United States will be in attendance.”

THE WHISTLER understood the theme of the event to be “Reconnecting in Time and Space”.

The festival helps facilitate the joyful reunion of DNA-tested African Americans with their African relatives after being separated by time, distance and space dating back to the era of the slave trade, organizers said.

The statement further stated: “Thanks to DNA testing which has enabled an increasing number of people to trace their ancestry to places in Igbo country and other parts of Africa, many of whom wish to trace their ancestral relatives.

“CISA has helped many people do just that. The Reconnection, as Ticha Akuma Kalu Njoku postulated, tells the story of Igbos separated from their homeland by slavery and resettlement in America; and how the African-American descendants of these Igbos trace their roots back to their ancestral homes and reconnect with their living relatives.

The organizer said the purpose of the festival “is not only to unite and congratulate the Ndigbo people, all Nigerians and their friends from all walks of life, but also for the educational experience that gives a glimpse of the Igbo-Nigerian culture through the arts”. , dances, cooking, fashion and songs.

He added, “With the festival, we are expressing the uniqueness of Igbo/Nigerian heritage and the sharing of commonalities in art, language, music, architecture, history and culture.

“The event is a bridge for all to come together and learn from each other through unity, happiness and managing the things that unite us not only as Africans but also as members of the global community.”


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