A newspaper article says so, what about reality then?


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A popular daily, affiliated with power YSRCP government, recently published an article saying that 50,000 beds are available for all coronavirus patients in the state. To be exact, the article stated that there are 50,751 beds available in the state, which was indeed great news for everyone in the state.

However, if that was really the case, then why are the images of people standing outside hospitals on television so exhausting and horrible to watch? Why are people having to wait outside hospital doors when there are so many beds available in the state? Many people were seen waiting at the door of GGH Hospital in Vijayawada which was very painful to watch.

According to the newspaper article, there are 2,412 beds available in 26 Covid hospitals, as well as 316 available intensive care beds and 2,164 vacant beds in two Covid care centers in the same Krishna district. When the newspaper boasted of such a large number of beds, it’s strange to see that not even a single bed is available for the condition’s many patients.

There is no doubt that the government of Andhra Pradesh is making better arrangements for coronavirus patients across the country, but it is important to ensure that these facts are not exaggerated and that ‘they are a little closer to reality than being out of proportion. It would only give the government a bad name.

On the flip side, Jagan is now being compared to Chandrababu, as the YSRCP government affiliated media channels now behave in exactly the same way people accuse the yellow media of behaving.


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