1895 Newspaper article reports wild sightings in the Berkshires


As mentioned in a previous post, one of the fun, local Facebook groups you should join is Squatchachusetts. I enjoyed learning about all possible Bigfoot sightings, even here in Berkshire County. Also, I had no idea there was a Bigfoot Museum in Maine.

One particular story that was recently shared in the Facebook group was posted in the North Adams transcript in August 1895 (yes 1895) and involves the sighting of a creature in Berkshire County and Connecticut. Could it be a Wildman? Bigfoot? Gorilla?

This is not just fun, but a fascinating article involving people in Berkshire County, primarily Sandisfield as well as the Connecticut towns of Colebrook and West & South Norfolk witnessing what was at the time thought to be a beast Savage. Later, witnesses were certain that the beast turned out to be a gorilla that may have escaped from a circus. Who knows for sure? It’s quite a story and what’s even better is that the entire newspaper article has been shared in the Facebook group. We’ve included the newspaper article here so you can read the whole story.

What do you think? Was the creature really a gorilla? Many witnesses are certain of this. Could it have been something else altogether? I guess we’ll never know for sure, but thank goodness the Squatchachusetts Facebook group kept the legend alive. Is it really a legend? Some would say that is not the case. Believe.

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