15 years ago – Jan 3, 2007


Div class = “postie-post”> The word that the sky was falling – or at least a chimney – in downtown Parkville turned out to be a false alarm on Friday afternoon. The incident sparked heated conversation in the city center in the run-up to the New Years holiday weekend and even sparked television coverage, but turned out to be nothing more than a topic of conversation. The chimney that sits atop the Power Plant restaurant itself was not falling, it was determined, although some potentially loose tiles in the stack could prove to be a bit dangerous for people and objects below. and steps were taken to barricade a sort of “drop zone”.

Saying that she was leaving so that she could “be a mom” to her children aged 21 and 16, Tanya Bates tendered her resignation as municipal clerk of Platte City. Bates started as a city clerk in June 1997, meaning she only left six months before 10 years on the job. “Everyone will be missed. I know it’s like the beauty queen’s answer, ”she said with a laugh. Her last day of work is scheduled for January 23.

A Platte City woman became involved in an argument with her roommate in a downtown High Street block early last Wednesday morning, took off in the roommate’s car, then intentionally ran into the 72-year-old father of the roommate, according to Platte City police officials.


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